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Flying Saucer Wheel Assembly: To assemble the wheel, place the wheel stand on a flat surface. Loosen the collar set screws with the hex wrench. Place the lower collar on the stand axle as shown at right.
Next slide the wheel onto the stand. See picture at right.
Place the upper collar on the end of the axle.
Position the upper collar so the end of the axle does not extend beyond the collar surface. Tighten the black set screw using the hex wrench to lock the upper collar in this position. If the steel rod (axle) extends through the collar, the rod end will press against the inside of the dust cap. This will prevent free rotation of the wheel and may cause a scraping noise.
Next, firmly press the lower collar up against the underside of the wheel so the wheel presses up against the upper collar. See picture at right.
The green arrow shows the direction you push the lower collar.
Once wheel is snug against the upper collar, tighten the lower collar set screw with the black hex wrench.
Dust Cap Installation: The dust cap is held in place by 2 Phillips screws. Tacky or Elmer's type white glue is placed on the underside of the dust cap to seal the cap against the wheel surface.
At right is picture of underside of dust cap with glue applied.
To make dust cap installatoin easier, you may wish to first back out the screws so they just slightly extend through the holes in the dust cap, then position the cap in the center of the wheel and screw the dust cap to place using a Phillips screwdriver.
Wheel Assembly is now complete. When selecting a position to mount the wheel, for safety, try to mount 3 or 4 inches off the cage floor and be sure there are at least 1 1/2 to 2 inches between the wheel (sides and front edge) and any cage walls or other parts or components in the cage.
Wire Cage Wall Installation: Attach the wheel stand to a cage wall using the 3 U-bolt assemblies. At right is a picture of the stand without the wheel to show ideal U-bolt positioning. The U-bolts will attach the stand to horizontal or vertical bars of varied spacing. Once the U-bolts are in position, firmly tighten the 1/4 x 20 nuts with a wrench or plier. Wheel installation is now complete.
Solid Wall Cage Wheel Stand Installation: The solid cage wall stand is held in position by 3 x 2" bolts. To install, hold the wheel stand in the desired location against the cage wall. Use a pencil to mark the 3 hole positions . Remove the wheel stand, then drill 3 x 1/4" holes.
After the wheel has been mounted onto the wheel stand, insert the 2" bolts through the welded nuts on the wheel stand, push the bolts through the holes drilled in the cage wall, attach the washers and nuts on the outside of the cage wall and tighten.
Large Wheel installation: Mount the large size wheel so the wood block rests on the cage bottom and the horizontal portion of the wheel stand rests in the slot in the wood block. For cage bottom cleaning, slide the wood block out from beneath the cage stand.